Brain Development Timeline

Our brains continue growing and changing throughout life. To learn more about changes in the brain during different periods of development, click on the images above.

Brain-Building Tip of the Month

When giving your child a bath, find different things for your child to count (bottles in the bathtub, toys, number of splashes, etc.). Take turns counting with your child and talking about what you’re doing.

Research in Brief

Children Actively Influence Language Development. Researchers have discovered that adults talk more to toddlers who are already talking, regardless of gender. This suggests that young children play an active role in influencing their own language development.

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Upcoming Events

Now Accepting Educator Applications

Good news! Better Brains for Babies, sponsored by the Georgia Department of Human Services – Division of Family and Children Services Prevention and Community Support Section, is now accepting applications for the next face-to-face BBB Community Outreach Educator training workshop, to be held April 27-28, 2023 in Lawrenceville, GA. The application deadline is Wednesday, March 1 at noon Eastern. Click here to apply or learn more.