Brain Development Timeline

Our brains continue growing and changing throughout life. To learn more about changes in the brain during different periods of development, click on the images above.

Brain-Building Tip of the Month

Serve water instead of sports drinks or other sugary choices. Drinking sugary beverages every day during childhood may decrease learning and memory in adulthood. Read more here.

Research in Brief

Spanking May Affect Children’s Brain Development. Children who are spanked show greater activity in brain regions that respond to threats.

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Upcoming Events

Now Accepting Educator Applications

Better Brains for Babies is now accepting applications for a virtual BBB Community Outreach Educator training workshop, to be held June 24-30, 2021 (1 – 3 pm each day) on Zoom. The application deadline is Wednesday, May 12 at 5 pm. Click here to learn more.