Apply to Become a BBB Community Outreach Educator

Better Brains for Babies, sponsored by the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services Prevention and Community Support Section, is now accepting applications for two BBB Community Outreach Educator training workshops. Because of COVID-19, we will be holding this training in a virtual format via Zoom. The virtual format will enable us to spread out the training content across more days, to reduce the amount of time people have to sit in front of their computer in a day. We will hold sessions in the mornings only, for about 2 hours each day.

If you apply to attend, please hold November 11 - 17, 2021 (Thursday – Wednesday), 10 am - noon, for the virtual training. Participants must attend in the mornings of all 5 weekdays to successfully complete the training. (Participants will not be expected to attend training on Saturday or Sunday.)

The cost for the 5-day virtual training is $35. This will cover the cost of mailing the BBB Educator’s Guide and other resources to the address you provide. Information about how to pay the fee will be available to those accepted once applications are reviewed.

Minimum qualifications for being a BBB educator include the following, either within the scope of your employment or as an independent trainer

  • A bachelor’s degree or higher, in a field related to early childhood or child development
  • Documented experience in educating others about child development
  • The ability and willingness to use BBB materials to teach others about brain development
  • A demonstrated network of professional contacts with whom you can share brain development information
  • A commitment to share brain development information at least once per year and to report all uses of BBB information in the online reporting system

If you are interested in attending the November session, please complete the BBB Educator Online Application. The application deadline for the November session is Friday, September 24 at 5 pm.