Become an Educator

Better Brains for Babies is looking for qualified educators to help us share the research on brain development with various audiences across Georgia. Our BBB Community Outreach Educators are professionals with experience teaching others, and who have opportunities to share the Better Brains for Babies message with groups in Georgia as part of their professional responsibility.

All BBB educators are required to complete the entire BBB Community Outreach Educator Training. During that training, they participate in in-depth learning about brain development and its applications, prepare and share a short presentation, and receive presentation slides and a print Trainer’s Guide to use in sharing brain development information with others.

Upcoming Trainings

We are not currently accepting applications for BBB Community Outreach Educator Trainings. Watch the Announcements and the BBB page on Facebook for future training dates as they are scheduled. Feel free to spread the word to other potential educators in Georgia.

Application Screening Process

A confidential screening committee reviews all applications and selects the most qualified applicants to attend the upcoming workshop. Accepted applicants must register and pay the registration fee to attend the workshop. The registration fee is $35 for virtual training sessions.

Minimum qualifications for becoming a BBB community outreach educator include

  • A bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Documented experience in educating others about early childhood development
  • The ability and willingness to use BBB materials to teach others about brain development (either within the scope of your employment or as an independent trainer)
  • A demonstrated network of professional contacts with whom you can share brain development information
  • A commitment to share brain development information at least once per year and to report all uses of BBB information in the online reporting system

Keep in mind that the screening committee chooses the most qualified applicants for each training session. Space is limited at all BBB educator training sessions, so some applicants who meet the minimum qualifications may not be accepted.

Training Cost

  • Face-to-face training: $75 (covers materials and continental breakfast/lunch/snacks both days)
  • Virtual training: $35 (covers materials shipped to participant)

Finding an Educator

If you are interested in finding a BBB Community Outreach Educator to speak to your organization or group, go to the Invite an Educator page.