Consistency in Child Care Settings

Consistent, dependable relationships are the foundation of children’s secure attachment to adults in their lives. Stable and predictable relationships are just as essential to children in childcare settings. Changing childcare providers and environments too often is disruptive for a child. Children should be in the same childcare setting with the same adult caregivers for as long as possible in order to build the sense of security and trust that leads to secure attachment. For example, in many preschools teacher may move up each year with their class to allow for consistency in caregiving. Children in childcare need familiar routines to encourage learning and provide a sense of control.

Some parents worry that children who form secure attachments with their regular childcare providers will not bond with their parents as much. This is not true. Each attachment relationship is different, and children are very capable of forming many attachments. Having a secure attachment to a reliable, trusted childcare provider strengthens the connections in the brain, and gives children an even stronger foundation for later relationships.