Parents - Bath Time

  • Always ensure that your baby is properly secured to avoid slips and falls.

  • Once your baby is old enough to sit unsupported, introduce a small toy such as a duck or a boat to play with while taking a bath. Talk to them as they feel the toy move through the water.

  • Try to make bath time an enjoyable experience by talking calmly to your child and encouraging safe play.

  • Collect several sponges of different sizes. Show your toddler how the dry sponge floats, and then fills up with water. Invite the child to pick up the sponge and ask “Where is the water?” Show them how to squeeze the sponge for the water to come out. If you are giving a bubble bath, this sponge will make bubbles too.

  • Give your child props to play with in the tub, including slotted spoons, colanders, scoops, and squeeze bottles. Allow child to play with items while you talk about what how the water moves through each one.

  • Encourage your child to complete as many cleaning tasks as possible when bathing. When he is past the point of putting things in his mouth, put the soap in his hands and show him how to wash himself, and use the towel to dry himself.