Parents - Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills refer to those skills that require smaller muscle groups, like using fingers and thumbs to grasp.

  • Select a variety of toys for baby to shake, bang, palm, grasp, dump and pass between hands. Offering different toys will encourage him to use his hands and fingers in different ways.

  • Find different balls with different textures and allow baby to hold each one. Allow baby to explore with hands and mouth.

  • Use 3-4 piece knob puzzles to help your toddler take the pieces out and try to fit it back into the base. Point out the pictures on the base.

  • Using play dough, allow your child to press cookie cutter shapes into the dough. Show him how to twist his wrist to release the dough. After several shapes are removed, have your child try to put the shapes back into the outlines.

  • Provide a variety of objects for your child to practice his fine motor skills. Objects could include plastic bottles with caps that can be screwed on and off, Strings and large beads, and colored pegs.