Parents - Gross motor Skills

Gross motor skills refer to those large group muscles, such as using legs for running and playing, or arms to catch a ball.

  • Have several hats available, and put one on while sitting across from your baby. Make silly faces and put the hat on the baby’s head. Allow the baby to remove it and play with the other hats, allowing her to crawl, stretch and use her arm muscles.

  • Put out a large inflatable plastic ring and put a few toys in the middle. Encourage your toddler to climb into the tube to play with the toys.

  • Set out a large box or laundry basket to make a car and encourage your toddler to take their favorite toys and push them in it. Don’t be surprised if they want to climb in and get a ride also!

  • Blow bubbles outside and encourage your child to chase the bubbles. Move around so she needs to stretch, jump and reach to get the bubbles.

  • Ask your child to imitate the motions of various animals using their whole bodies. Encourage big movements, like trunks swaying or running fast.