Parents - Games With Toys

  • Find or make a puppet that has eyes and a mouth. Call the baby’s name and try to get his attention. Offer simple commands to your baby through the puppet, such as “Can you touch the puppet’s nose?” or “can you wave to the puppet?”

  • Set out baskets with different types of toys in each one, such as animals, cars, and blocks. As you toddler explores the baskets, help him name each item, and talk about the item. “The car says vroom! The blocks stack high!”

  • Sit with your child and help stack blocks. Encourage the child to stack with you. Add different types of blocks for a variety of surfaces. If you don’t have blocks, make them from empty milk cartons or cardboard boxes.

  • Use old cell phones with batteries removed to play “phone”. Have a conversation with your child using open-ended questions to encourage your child to talk.