Parents - Visual

  • Place a small, unbreakable mirror where the baby can see herself during regular routines, such as diaper changing or feeding. Talk to your baby about what she sees in the mirror. Tell her what you see in the mirror, such as her pretty eyes or smiling mouth. Ask her to point to herself when she sees herself in the mirror.

  • Hide some familiar objects around the room, and walk with your toddler trying to help them locate the objects. Name each object as you search for it.

  • Take a clear plastic jar with a lid and fill it with small objects, such as pasta from alphabet soup. Fill the remainder of the jar with black beans, and seal the top. Shake the jar and encourage child to find each letter or object through the side of the jar.

  • Make a paper chain of two alternating colors of construction paper. Cut strips of paper and ask your child to copy the pattern you made. Add other colors and other patterns to make this more and more difficult.